problem with windows live..

i have downloaded and installed windows live movie maker.After creating movies(video),if i select to publish movie,it prompts me to select folder to save..after this,movie publish process and when it is 4% over,my laptop suddenly gets off(not proper shut down,simply laptop shut down itself automatically)..I retried it for many times.What can be the problem for this.? anyone help me pls..

:rofl: Your laptop gets off :rofl:

This may be a troll, but I'm going to answer any way. It could be an over heating issue. Try propin it up so that air flow is optimal under it. Also get a hardware tempature monitor software. It could be that your laptop is just not cut out to do video editing and the publishing part is too hard for it.

Hi Kowsihan,

Please provide your computer configuration information (Hardware and Software)

1.Try to update your windows this could solve this problem. (Display Drivers)

2. Open mscofig from run and click on STARTUP tab then click on disable all. Do same with SERVICES tab but first click on Hide all Microsoft Services then click on disable all. restart your computer and give a try.

If it doesn't fix let me know.

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