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Dear Friends,

Recently i purchased a new HP desktop with windows 7 installation and wireless inbuilt adapter but the problem is I have afaqshamel DSL in my office when i was trying to connect it's not connected it shows a problem "no internet access" but in same room when i was connect in my laptop it's connected and working well. And another thing at ground floor of my office building we have another office when we are trying to connect that office DSL it's connected but i'am trying to connect my office DSL it shows error. What is the problem i didn't get. Please anyone solve my problem.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
First so that I'm sure that we understand the issue. Your wireless desktop doesn't work upstairs but works fine downstairs? The laptop that you report works fine upstairs (wirelessly?) does it also work fine downstairs? And if so is the laptop also running Windows 7?
If so we need to determine what is different between the two locations.
Same provider?
Same account?
How are you provisioning the wireless segments?
Are you relying on one wireless router for both floors if so then proximity might be an issue regarding signal strength?
Do you have multiple wireless routers? Are they identical? How are they interconnected? Access Point or Extender? If identical you may have an issue with DHCP scopes overlapping and conflicting, so make sure that you configure the individual routers with different DHCP scopes (router #1 handing out thru router #2 handing out thru if they are the same. If they are different then you might have an issue with completely different subnet provisioning and you will need to make the same or similar adjustments as I just described.
If the two wireless routers appear to be identical then also make sure they are both running the same version of the latest firmware from the manufacturer. You can buy them from the same retailer off the same shelf and they can still be different as to their firmware version.
If you would like you can post an example of the ipconfig /all results from a command prompt in your next post from your machine upstairs that isn't working and from another machine upstairs that is working and we can perhaps make some suggestions or just compare them yourself and see if they are similar. Also use the ping utility from a command prompt and ping other network nodes especially the default gateway address since that is the one address that is critical to support communications outside of your local subnet.
And also consider if possible plugging in the problem machine with a Cat5 cable not only to determine that the problem is specifically local to the wireless configuration but also to compare IP address information for both cards on your machine. If one works and the other doesn't then comparing the two may prove invaluable in determining the problem.

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