forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section, but I don't know where else to put it.
I have a problem and I hope one of you can help me.

I play electric guitar.
I bought a jackplug to plug the guitar into my pc (directly to my soundcard) for direct recording and playback!
I used this on Windows XP, and later on Windows Vista.
Both worked fine after some work.
Now I've installed Windows 7 and the trouble starts.
I plug the guitar in and change some settings like volume, and oh yes, I hear myself play, as it should be!
But this time there's this incredibly anoying delay in it!
It's not direct anymore!
I play my guitar, but the sound on the PC is being produced like 0,1/0,2 seconds later!

I know you might think: so what?
But I can tell you, it sucks =)

It's incredibly hard to play a normal rhythm when the 'amplifier' (in this case my pc) plays your sound delayed for a split moment.

I installed the my soundcard drivers as usual, and the same problem keeps apearing!
(Even though Windows Vista or XP didnt even require these drivers in order to playback my line in normally)

Anyone please, what's going on and how do I fix it!?



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What soundcard is it? Have you tried the manufacturers site for the latest drivers? If the site only has Vista drivers, download them and reinstall them in VVista compatibility, (or XP) mode.

it's a Realtek soundcard no idea which type. The CD gave me drivers for AC'97, and it's High Definition Audio so I'll try to download both these.

I report back =)

sorry it didnt do the trick =(


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Sorry Richie. I,m bumping this thread in the hope that someone can help who has encountered the problem. I did a gigantic search on the web for similar instances. I got a few hits but no solutions.

eh yea exactly that's why I posted here 'cuz no one can help me =/

(whats bumping lol?)



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Bumping means refreshing the post, with a possibly useless further post. This brings the original poster to the top of the daily postings again so it draws, hopefully, more response. Apparently not in this case!! (Now I've "bumped" you again)


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Can you tell me the model number of your motherboard, or your computer?
If you have done nothing different since Vista, it has to be a bad driver. Try uninstalling all the audio drivers, reboot and run Windows update. Also here are the latest Realtek drivers.

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