Problema with DVD, cant install new programs.-


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Hi, my version is W 7 ultimate.

If i insert a video DVD or music or photo..then no problem, DVD unit goes ok.
But when i insert a game's DVD to freezes

If the same DVD goes to DVD writer unit, it goes ok...i mean,only fails in DVD driver.

I dont think DVD rom is broken..i think it can be something of driver or...
In hardware i see unit its ok DVDROM GDR8164B

Help please :)


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If it gives you an option to look at the files, do that and find the setup.exe file and start from there.

Does this happen on all DVD's like this or just one game?


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After a big time, somtimes let me explore the DVD, and then i can try to execute setpup..but then again it doesnt goes, or it get a lot of time to do anything...its like it couldnt read the dvd. But with, for example, DVD with video files (divx), or photo..or...CDROM goes ok. Before w7, with XP, this unit went always ok

I have tried with 3 games...and with 3 the same thing. But, i can install them from the DVD-RW drive. With one of this games, it cost, but i get to install the game from the normal DVD drive:confused:

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After installing game from RW unit, i insert the dvd game in DVD ROM unit..and read it ok!...i dont understand anything :confused::confused:

BUT, after going to sleep, i start windows, i put game DVD, and doesnt read.

I dont understand anything..that is madness


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You have 2 DVD drives on your system? How are they connected, SATA or PATA? If they are PATA, how are they configured--same channel, master and slave, or what?

my Single DVD drive is not working as well

i use a pioneer DVD RW 110D
and i too get the same problem Long load times and no installs from DVD disk type games.

i have tried updating the firmware and enabling the drive in the device manager.
no luck there. any one else having these problems ?


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One example of my problem.

I start Windows 7, i put a game DVD but...unit doesnt read , the DVD..goes vveeeeery freezes.
I put the same DVD in RW unit, and all goes ok,...go to play..

After some time playing, i quit game, i put the DVD in the problematic unit and then READ quick and ok.

I know..its madness... :confused: no sense to me..

I dont think to be problema of master/slave configuration, i mean, if was this the problem, always would fail, not sometimes yes, and sometines no.


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I think it could be a compatibilty problem:

- The CDROM unit in another Pc works fine.
- I try it with an XP live, and unit works fine in my pc (in the pc that has Windows 7 installed and gives me the problem).

I think i will report to microsoft, i think its a compatibilty problem with windows 7

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