Problembs with starting Windows Vista

Hi there,

When I try to start the computer I athm asked if I want to do a full repair. When I choose this Windows blocks in the start up screen.

I did not receive a CD with that computer. Can somebody give some advise?



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It sounds as though your hard drive is corrupted. You are saying that even when going into Repair mode the system still freezes? Can you give us an idea of what happened right before the problem started? What kind of computer is it (Make/Model)? How old is it? This will help diagnose your problem. If this is a computer bought from a manufacturer, you very likely have a recovery partition to completely restore the computer. This would wipe out all of your files and settings, and you should consult with the manufacturer if you need a recovery disc or need to activate the recovery option. However, any additional information can be useful in solving your problem.

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