problems at start up (boot)

Hi i have been using windows 7 x32 for a while now and i keep hitting a major issue.

when I turn off my machine some times the installation gets as far as the starting windows sign but the windows logo does not appear, so i cut the power and my computer then comes with a memory error.

after i leave my computer off for a while i can load up a Ghost image of my windows installation and it will work fine for a bit. then randomly on some boot up's i will get the same failed boot problem again.

any one else found this problem?:confused:

Ed Dixon

Senior Member
Almost sounds like a hardware problem, have you done a recent scan and/or memory test?


will the problems have only been happening with windows 7, i went back to XP for a bit and it worked fine, and when windows 7 actually boots its all good.

sounds like a hardware issue still XP may just be a little more forgiving.. I say this alot but more info is necessary How much RAM is Installed? What type? What speeds? The omly real thing i can suggest with so little info would be to shut down,de static, unplug, remove and re seat your memory a little dirt can go a long way with memory problems.I don't know how much memory your unning but if it's enough can you boot with half removed you may have a bad module.

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