Problems creating backup

Hi there, Today I wanted to create a system backup. I have 2 external hard drives, they are pulgged in. I selected one of them erased any files in there and also formated it.
Then I started backup manager, didnt choose an image backup because the systme tells me that that particular drive is not appropiate to do so.
I selected the automatic file selection and started, but a few seconds later the process stopped and showed error message (backup can not be completed). I checekd the disk for erros but it is empty. I ran Iobit disk chek utility and also used the advanced system care program to check entire system.
I tried gain and same, it says error.
Then a tried to do the backup selecting my other hard drive and also the same.
I restarted m,y system, checked it for errors and bla bla and nothing, simply cannot create a backup in any hard drive.
Can anybody help me??
Thanks in advance.


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Backing up is an extremely important practice and it is not just a magic wand to be waved when things go wrong. A computer system may be divided into two essential parts - software and user data and an efficient and resilient system will maintain separate environments for each of these - as either physical or logical separate drives. Typically drive C will contain the operating system, installed applications and associated system files. All user data should be stored on a separate drive or partition. The system drive should be backed up using drive imaging software and I strongly recommend Acronis True Image for this purpose. It is not free, but nor is it expensive and it can recover your entire operating system and install applications in minutes in the event of any problem such as hard drive failure, malware infestation etc. A full working download is available as a trial.

Back up of the user data should be made to an external hard drive by routine file and folder copying. The user data partition should be used to store the system drive image which will be saved also to the external drive. This will enable complete system recovery, op sys, apps and all user data in the case of a total hard drive failure.


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Personally, I haven't had problems with Windows Backup, neither on a HDD or a separate USB disk. You should be able to have it done through Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore. There are many software to do it, but do you really need more than Windows?

I don't.

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