Windows 11 Problems everywhere...


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Dec 30, 2022
I am not going to make few threads since at least the firefox and gom problem are connected to 1 cause, so i put everything here, first problem, codecs don't work, i download one of the latest K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1735_Mega, then even install an update for it, the result is that windows media player classic which comes with K-Lite works fine, the codecs are there but if i try to use GOM, i get black and white video sometimes but no sound, on youtube or any other media some videos work some don't at all, UNLESS i will use edge as a browser then everything works, it's not why i got 11 to have more problems, and i clearly don't wanna use edge because i have all the profiles, plugins and data in firefox, so someone tell me what is this... I got windows 11 N, because i tought it will be better, but from what i see it turns out that there are no media players coming with 11 N, no problem because i don't use standard media player that much anyways, but with windows xp, 7 or 8, there was never a problem like this, and the codes are new enough.




Next problem, i can't use my phone, i attach the cable and this happens


Windows 7, no drivers required (or they get automatically installed), windows 8.1 same thing, windows 10 i didn't try since i don't have it, windows 11, nothing works even if you try to install the drivers...
I download the stuff as they suggested, first i got "Service Bulletins Detail" and install it, nothing changed, then i tried "", but also doesn't work since it can't be even installed, i tried to use the driver install option, and specify the folder, but nothing


I wasn't be able to find anything else, i doubt the stuff i got was even what i was looking for since it popes up in some android studio, if i try to use the windows update there's nothing as well.

Next problem, standard photo viewer doesn't work, File System Error (-2147219194), you don't have to solve this since i found videos about that, but then i realized that i will simply install the legacy photo viewer, or rather enable it, which runs faster and is more stable than the new one....

Next problem which i luckly solved, during the installation, the system was complaining that he can't restart or reboot, and the installation has to start over again from the begining, i tried to look up the error on my phone, but people were rather blaming outdated BIOS, corrupted flash driver, corrupted windows instalaltion, but no one said that maybe just do it manually, the result was this:


and after few tries in a loop i realized, maybe i just try to boot it, maybe there's something, so i simply press the restart button, choose the disk i wanted to boot and the installation was able to finish, just a "little problem" 2-3h lost, no "big" deal.

I am not going to mention things like being unable to restart the system, probably because of some as i was been able to find out "hidden updates" being installed so none of the restart or shut down buttons was really working (WHY there's no info that something is going on?), or abusive despotic windows defender recognizing my own made programs as threats or viruses, luckily this issue was solved by simply disabling the biggest virus on the system as a civilized man rather than some cave man constantly thinking about threads and viruses everywhere, trying to steal his crypto, empty his credit cards, and steal his wife photos....

I want my phone USB cable connection, firefox and gom working back again, the system is acceptable despite the unconventional ui and many problems, but if i will be forced i am going straight to either 8.1 or 7, which i already got on my secondary disk.


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