Windows 7 Problems regarding W7 + CD Burning/Ending Processes?


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Feb 17, 2009
Alright so prior to a few days ago, I was able to burn CDs with no problems using Nero 8. Suddenly though, Windows refuses to open ANY program that has the ability to burn a CD. I've tried Nero 8, 7, 6, Windows Media Player, CDBurnerXP, Roxio, etc. What's particularly weird about this too is that I can't close the processes or process trees related to these programs in Task Manager. I've also tried through KillProcess, and while it disappears from that list, the process is still open when I check Task Manager again.
I checked for any updates for my DVD burner but Device Manager shows it as being up to date. My friend suggested I disable/uninstall any virtual drives I might have, and I did so. However, I had to boot the PC in safe mode in order for Device Manager or Explorer to not freeze. I was finally able to boot Nero immediately after while in safe mode. Once I restarted and booted the PC normally, I was back to the same problem.

EDIT: I tried to burn a CD in safe mode but none of the programs would boot this time ):
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Sounds like windows 7 has gone corrupt somehow. Are you able to run other programs ok?
Yeah, most everything else is running fine, it's just every CD burning app other than the Zune software, but only because that can't detect my burner at all
It could be a corrupt cd/dvd driver that is causing the software to go crazy. I have never seen this before so it will be interesting to find out what is causing it.
It's just weird that it randomly stopped working 2 days ago. How would I go about reinstalling the driver?
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