Problems reinstalling after hard drive crash

About a year ago, I did a clean install from vista 32 bit to Windows 7 professional 64 bit. Everything went smoothly and I had no installation issues. A couple of days ago, my hard drive crashed so I put in a new one and used my computer's recovery cd to load windows xp back on the system. I then did a clean install to windows 7 using the same dvd from a year ago. Just before finishing, I received the error message "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware," which is now running in an endless loop. I don't understand why this would be an issue since everything is the same as before (I had upgraded the video card to radeon and soundcard to sound blaster, but after receiving first error message, I removed them and went back to original hardware).
I then thought I would start the whole thing over again and go back to windows xp and possibly install windows vista before trying windows 7 again. But now when I put the recovery cd in, I get the message "asc3350p.sys is corrupted" so I can't reinstall windows xp either.

My setup:
Dell dimension E520
intel dual core 2.8ghz processor
1tb western digital caviar green hard drive
6gb ram

Windows 7 was downloaded iso

Thank you for any help you can give


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Windows 7 was downloaded iso
Where was your iso downloaded from?

I downloaded it from digital river as part of the student discount. I know that there were some problems with that, but mine must have been ok since it was able to install the first time.

I may have found the problem. It could be due to the new hard drive having advanced format and an older windows 7 installation disc. I'll try updating to Intel Rapid Storage Technology v9.6 driver during the installation when I get home from work.

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