Problems w/ the taskbar/aero/etc.

So I'm new to Windows 7 but have been enjoying it relatively problem free after my upgrade until today. Out of the blue my touch-to-tap on my laptop became disabled and all of a sudden the taskbar started acting glitchy, when I moused over an icon with multiple windows open, the icons would show up, but when I went to click on one, I would be directed back to whatever my screen was on previously. Thinking this was a problem with the driver, I reinstalled the driver, but this didn't fix the problem. Also, when I use a mouse rather than the touchpad (and disable the touchpad even) the results are the same. Also I've found that Alt-Tab no longer works properly, with the previews of all my open windows appearing only for a split second before disappearing, without allowing me to switch the active view. Oddly windows-tab still works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this perplexing issue? I've tried some other forums, but I haven't found anything similar to this. Thanks!

Almost everyone here is going to suggest you do a clean install. Upgrading fails frequently.

It looks like it may be keyboard driver problems.. you may want to try to find new ones.... or one trick is to simply delete the ones there and refresh and let it install them again. ---in deice manager.

Thanks, I figured that the clean install was going to be my best bet, I think for now I'm going to revert back to Vista until I spring for a full version of 7. Thanks for the tip though, I'll clean that driver out and see if that helps at all!

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