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Windows 7 Problems when installing.


New Member
Feb 1, 2009
Ok, so i'll write the whole message again.... got a message saying the message was too short although i doubt it was...

Well here it goes.

Whenever i install some games like Mirror's Edge and Saints Row 2 my whole computer freezes.

Everything except the music,progessbar and the mouse pointer dies for some reason.

So i basicly can't do anything while installing games. This has never happened on vista.

here's my PC specs

OS : Windows 7 x64
GC : Nvidia 8800GT 512mb
Processor : Q6600 2,4GHz

Is there a fix for this?

Ok, this time i copied the entire message... it still thinks i have less than 10 characters in this post....

edit: wow it always works on the third try :p

Edit : just started Mirror's Edge and noticed that i have no sound during the in-game videos, but i have sound when playing :/

Edit long after this thread was made : Glad i registered so i could get help from this helpful community :) :rolleyes:

Ok, this place is worthless.. i won't check this thread anymore.
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