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    I am trying to link up a DELL LAPTOP Home basic WIN 7 64bit OEM with a desktop running XP SP 3. The router is Quidway Huawei.

    I have run thru all the suggestions of putting Network discovery on etc and all the necessary services and options are ON.

    From the LAPTOP the DESKTOP PC is not visible.

    From the DESKTOP the LAPTOP is visible but am unable to connect (An alert that PATH or PERMISSIONS is incorrect).

    Incidentally everything was running fine and was able to transfer files etc between the 2 computers till I knocked down ONLINE ARMOR(OA) Firewall from my LAPTOP. It seems OA while uninstalling has also removed the OA helper-driver (seen earlier from Network Adapter Properties).Should I conclude that OA was infact helping Home Networking.

    Why I say this is there are tons of posting on the Networking issue even with basic configuration without any special installation.

    I would love to keep going again (ofcourse without OA).THe problem seems to be ingrained deep into registry? Any help is most welcome. Thanks

    PS-EDIT The word "d r i v e r" does not seem to get into my post.It is actually OA helper d r i v e r
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