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    Hi, I have recently found this annoying and mysterious problem with the installation wizards of some software on windows 7. About a month ago, for a several reasons, slowed down pc .. as well as major solution-less problems with installing software on windows 7 where i constantly got errors 1404 or 2203 and wasnt even able to install skype updates anymore, I formatted the pc and got a clean install of windows 7. Now even though those problems don't occur anymore, I still have a weird new problem installing certain software, like some popular voip applications such as voipgain or voipbuster. So Main issue is once i download and open the .exe file for the install, I typically get the first window where you select a language, but then that's about it, the install wizard just minimizes to taskbar, and thats the last you see of it! No way to open it, access it and when you let it run for even 15 mins.. still no progress happens and eventually you need to abort it from the task manager. Funny enough, this new "voipbuster" doesnt even show in my task manager, so I double clicked another 2 instances of the install.. wizards opened so I end up with 3 instances in the task bar.. none of which are shown on task manager and none of which progress into anything!! This is insane and werid! anyone got a clue ? or experiencing something simmilar ? Jeez I really need these applications:(.. so will be very glad if someone gave me an idea cheers:up:
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