Windows 7 Problems with installation


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Jan 15, 2009

I have downloaded the offical 64bit windows 7 ultimate.

The problem I am having is as follows:

I have a c: partition with XP Professional
I have created a d: partition formatted with NTFS.

I have created a VMWARE client, and ran the dvd I created with the ISO I downloaded, and the virtual machine installs and works great.


When I boot from the DVD, I get the option to run windows set up, which then start loading windows files, after which, the windows 7 logo appears. After a 5 - 10 seconds, a blue windows screen appears ( not the blue screen of death) and then it does nothing. After the blue screen it should come up with what languages you what to select etc..... But it just hangs, and I left for 20mins.

Please can you help!
If you have a seperate clean partition from your c: than why don't you just install 7 on that and have a dual boot setup?? That way you'll most likely have a much better experience with win 7 and it will be able to use all your pc's hardware rather than crappy generic hardware.. ;) That's my suggestion.. If you got the ISO directly from Microsoft than you "shouldn't" have any problems with the install.. there have been a few people with some issues but most were just minor things and have been solved by now..
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