Problems with installing applications

Just fired up my new Dell laptop with Vista. I installed Novell client and I am attempting to install my primary applications from my network. But everytime I do that I either get nothing to happen when I execute the setup.exe or the setup does start and stalls during the process. I have downloaded applications to my desktop and some that didn't install from the network install fine, others still stall during the install process. I have disabled UAC, my profile is an admin account and I have tried right clicking and installing as admin option. My co-worker is having the same problem. I just created my account as admin but have not fooled with profiles yet. Can anyone tell me what is causing this ?
Thank you,

I thought I would write back and report that I got my applications to install from the network. I had installed Netware client for Vista 1.0. Novell has 1.0 Update 6. I installed that version and it took care of some network problems I was having. Along with that I clicked on Properties on the executable I was trying to install from and chose XP SP2 compatibility and all seems to be working well.


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