Problems with "invisible folders" and creating Mail Profile


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I am trying to help a friend sort out some problems on her PC. It is fairly new (6 months old) machine running Win7 (64 bit). The opsys came preloaded with the computer. I am very familiar with WinXP and with Office2003. I have a few hours on Win7 just poking around to get a feel for the layout.

The history is a little cloudy but it appears that Outlook2010 was acquired and installed as a stand alone package (not part of Office 2010). MSOffice 2003 was subsequently installed (a few weeks later) without ol2003 (ol2010 was already installed). Both ol2010 and mso2003 run OK although the owner finds the very different interfaces a bit of a pain and much prefers the old style interface of mso2003.

Automatic updates (opsys and MS Office) are both set to automatic. There is a history of failed updates. When I checked the log file, they all appear to be MS Office updates. I am guessing that the update process is confused by seeing both Office2003 and ol2010. Is that likely?

I offered to install (activate?) ol2003. I did a little preliminary poking around the web to see what problems I might encounter. It appears that MSOffice2003 should run fine on Win7 including ol2003 but any ol2010 profiles should be deleted and new profiles built for ol2003.

I opened ol2010 and checked the location of the relevant pst file (so I could find it when I installed ol2003 and built the new profile). But when I tried to find it using Windows Explorer (WE), I found that the key directory ( … users/owner/documents) was not visible. I tweaked WE’s View settings to make sure all system, hidden and protected files and folders were visible but the documents directory is still not visible. The file is there because when I searched for a *.pst file on the C: drive, the search showed the file to be exactly where Outlook said it was:
C:/ users/owner/documents/outlook files/xxx.pst
Any idea why users/owner/documents is not visible? I thought this might be a privileges issue. There are only two accounts on the system: owner and guest. Owner has administrator privileges. All work has been done from the owner account..

To familiarize myself with profile creation (just in case it is different than WinXP), I clicked on Mail (32bit) in the Control Panel and got a “lack of necessary resources and memory” error. I doubt that the error message is correct (the sys has 4GB of memory and no other user appls were running), but something is clearly wrong. In searching for similar problems on the web, I found numerous cases where people encountered this problem but the answer was “bad install of Win7”. Any thoughts?


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