problems with keyboard (qwerty) and user accounts


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I have a problem with my keyboard of my laptop: when I want to type an é there apears this: 'e
also when I want to type
è there apears this: `e
when I want to type ê there apears this: ^e
the accents appear on the screen imediately after I pouched the button.
please help me to solve this problem

my second problem is that accounts dissapear. On a day my account dissapeared. I couldnt find it back in control panel, I couldn't log in anymore. but when I go to cmd and type "net users" there appear all the accounts which are dissappeared. I can't delete the folder of the old accounts.

my third little problem is that since a pair of weeks when I lock the pc I cant fill in my pasword immediately but i have to click on my account before I can type my password.

and my last problem is that the standard keyboard for the login screen is azerty and i have qwerty but i cant change it forever (i can click on the button in the left top corner)

sorry for my bad english



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please help me


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the problem with the accents is solved

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