Problems with my computer/motherboard. RAM/VGA/SOUNDS etc...


Since the time i changed my motherboard (Because it got broken), there are many problems in my computer now.

Like the RAM installed. I have 1 stick of 2gb ram. DDR-II. And now in my new motherboard, it has only 1gb installed.

CPU-Z Validator 3.1 <-- These are my specs. Take a look.

It says there that i have 2gb RAM.

And that is the Message that shows i only have 1gb of RAM installed.

About the graphics card, i have Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from my ASUS motherboard.

I have direct x 11 but games doesn't detect it.

And lastly, the sound card.

I have the Turtle Beach Vortex 2 AU883082 Sound card, but my Windows doesn't even detect my hardware. Should i remove my sound card and use my motherboard's own sounds? It doesn't have sounds either...

I tried everything from the last few weeks, i tried windows update, driver scanners, i even searched all over the internet for drivers and issues about this. Nothing even happened.

Please help me about my problems. Thank you.

Please help me with this, i need to use 2gb ram for gaming... help me. Thank you in advance

I think that you are sharing ram for your onboard graphic card.
You can change this setting in the bios.

To use DX11 youll need a supported graphic card.

Try to remove your sound card in the device manager.
Reboot PC then check if windows automatically detects it.

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