Problems with Net Framework


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Today, my computer showed .NET Framework version 4.0 in Windows Updates. I tried to get it and it would not do. It gave me error 0x80040705.

I tried to get help at CNET and think I went to the wrong place (LOL). One of the mods had me download and run the dotnetfx_cleanup tool (which I did). He also had me download and "try" to install dotNetFX_40_Full_x86_x64.exe

I tried installing the 4.0 version and that's when I got the error above. The process I did was run the cleanup utility; reboot; and install the new, but the new would not take.

That mod is now inquiring why do I want it? We seem to be going in circles and I'm really not finding out anything, so I found this forum and hope to get some help. If I do not need 4.0, I'd just as soon not get it; however, since it came as a WU (recommended), I thought I might need it.

I did go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel to see if I even had Net Framework and yes I do. I have Microsoft Net Framework 3.5.1. The box where a checkmark would go is blue and it says, "A filled box indicates only part of the features are turned on."

When I click the plus sign to the left of the item, it does show 2 other items with no checkmark in either box. They are: Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation and Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation.

I don't know what this means. Am I supposed to place a check in one of those boxes? By my running the cleanup utility as recommended by CNET, have I ruined something? I'm so confused at this point that I don't know whether I need the 4.0; whether the 3.5.1 is now broken because of my running the cleanup; or what. I've thought about doing a system restore back to before all this started, but at this point, I don't know if they would be good or not.

Could someone help me please?



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