Problems with Realtek on Inspiron one

I have a Dell Inspiron One 19. Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I was minding my own business, and rebooted after doing an update to AVG Antivirus, and when the PC came up, it said that the Realtek NIC driver did not install properly. I uninstalled my antivirus and firewall, and ran a system restore, back to an update in early Sept, when my PC was working properly. No go. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver manually, both from the driver CD, and from Dell's website. No go. Went into the device manager, And the device status is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"Win 7 64 bit. Any help would be most appreciated

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Try this driver from here download and extract (Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver 7.048 2011/9/19) the archive and then use device manager to force an update and point the process to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the driver.

Nope. Got the same "The Device Cannot Start" error when I tried that


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Uninstall AVG. first using the control panel, programs and features applet and follow that up by running the vendor specific proprietary removal tool (which you may have to do twice) to remove all remnants of the product, be sure to use the correct version for your system.
Consider replacing with MSE.

Same problem.


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Would you please take a snapshot image of your currently installed driver and details for the network adapter you are currently having trouble with. I've included an image of mine as an example.

Here you go. BTW, thanks for the welcome.



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You're welcome. Are you currently using a second adapter (wired or wireless on this machine)?

Yes, I am currently using a Belkin USB Wireless adapter


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Open device manager
Expand network adapters
Select then right click the problem adapter and choose uninstall, you should subsequently be prompted if you would like to remove the associated driver(s) / software (something to that affect) answer in the affirmative and reboot the computer.
Getting kinda late here, may have to check back with you in the morning. Or maybe someone else will pick up this thread.
Which ever, keep us posted.

Same thing. Windows says it cannot install the device.


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Seems the error is slightly different, it's apparently gone from "The device cannot start" to "Windows says it cannot install the device", that might indicate that there is something physically wrong with the device. I assume it's integrated / embedded on the motherboard, so ... do you have any warranty recourse through Dell, have you contacted them and attempted to get some troubleshooting help from them regarding the problem. I suppose the first thing they're likely to insist on is that you return the computer to a factory state before they'll offer much of any help. You might double check the system BIOS (Setup Utility) just to make sure that it hasn't been turned off or disable by some fluke.
You've done pretty much all there is to do, you've installed the latest driver from the device manufacturer, the latest driver from Dell, if device manager is still having issues with it, then I suspect that there may very well be something physically wrong with it.

It is indeed integrated, and the PC is out of warranty. I'll double check the BIOS. Worst case, I'll have to buy a USB NIC.

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