Problems with Sleep mode

I am using Windows 7.....When I go into sleep mode by either doing it manually via the keyboard OR letting the computer sit and it goes into sleep after "x" minutes, when I come back the cursor prompt is running wild in whatever box I have it in AND when I am in email (Thunderbird) it automatically "reads" all my emails that I have not yet read.

Any thoughts on this crazy bug?


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Your mouse becomes alive when the computer sleeps.... creepy!! :))

You should make hibernate the default and not sleep. It's safer because it saves to disk first.

Anyway, that should solve the cursor problem until someone else answers. I might have time tomorrow to research. I myself don't use either so I can't tell you now what it might be.


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You might want to start running a couple of things. Both can be run from an administrative command prompt. (Start menu, accessories, right click command prompt and select run as admin)

Type sfc /scannow and let the system check your files.

Then, if that works without problems, you might try checking your sleep capability. Type powercfg -energy and let it run. It should take about a minute and make note of where the resulting file is stored. Shut down all other programs you can prior to running the check. Open the resulting file and look through it to see if it indicates any problems on your system.

If you have external devices, you might try unplugging them if possible.

Thanks, I will try that out. Meanwhile, I just took the sleep mode "off".

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