Problems with themes


Im having a problem with my theme settings, all of the aero temes seem to be blocked and i can only select themes from the basic and high contrast secetion (excluding the windows 7 basic). I can't find any problems any where, everything is up to date and there are no viruses etc.

I am running a 32 bit windows seven professional operating system on an acer laptop.
Any help you can offer would be greatley appreciated.




Underneath where you choose the themes. it should say Troubleshoot Aero. Click that and it should fix it for you.

If it doesn't, then visit the website of the manufacturer of your laptop. Download and install the newest video driver.

If it still won't fix it, then press the Windows key + Pause/Break key at the same time. Re-run the WEI assessment and then it should be able to be repaired.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

It has come back saying that the desktop window manager is diabled. I'v tried searching for it but no results come back. Where would i find this to turn it back on?

Type services.msc in the start menu then hit enter.

Set the Desktop Window Manager Session to automatic and start it too.

I have to tell ya though - The only reason this would have been disabled is because of malware. Your machine is very likely infected. Download and install Malwarebytes. Update the definitions in the program. Then let it scan your machine and remove everything it finds.

You may eventually need a clean install of Windows.

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