Problems with video now... booo

Just tried playing some Divx vids... as mentioned in a previous post, some of my Divx will play perfectly fine, while others will play with video but no audio. Now, I find that some won't even open at all and Media Player (or Media Center) will just refuse to even open it and gives the error "windows cannot play this file".

Windows 7 is supposed to have native support for all the codecs (divx, xvid, h264, etc...), Perhaps some of the older codecs aren't supported? Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Again - SOME videos won't play at all, some will play perfectly, and some will show video only with no sound.

Help!! :eek:

window media center and player issues

help please....i have been using vista since last 32-bit since last jan with minimal problems and thought hey widows 7 seems great accept can't use the aero feature which suck cause my system meets minimum requirements....and media center or player will not play movies...full screen options just don't exist for me right now...i miss vista...but love alll other aspects of windows 7 so anyone please


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I tried opening an .h264 file in WMP and it says the file is not recognized, but then asked if I wanted to try to play the file and it played perfectly.

It's not associated by default, i had to pick the program to play the file. Couldn't locate an xvid, but you can download the codec here:
|MG| XVid;-) 2.2

Also got the same message for divx, but WMP played it as well.

I have HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. WIndows Media Player 12 does not show media library on left hand panel and I cannot play Internet radio as this feature is there in media library. can anybody help me.

Try Repairing the current installation or Removing & re-Installing oft is a quick, easy fix for things.

Here's Windows Media Player 12, if you want to use it...


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Thanks Drew,

I have already downloaded this file and it does not install. All other things work fine except I can not see Medial Library button which I have on my other PC and the Internet Radio on that PC works fine. I have also tried removing Windows Media Player from Add and Remove Components & reinstalled it but it does not work.

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