problems with VLC player on Win7 x64


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I recently installed Windows 7 64-bit on my machine and soon realized that when I watch anything on VLC player, it works fine for about 5 minutes and then starts to slow down significantly and skip many frames. I've been using VLC for years and have never had a problem with it until now. I played with some of the settings including unchecking the box that says 'skip frames' and running the program in administrator mode and Vista service pack 2 compatibility but cannot get rid of this problem. I did a search and found that some ppl have been having compatibility issues with VLC and Win 7 64x but they were mainly concerning pixelation which I don't seem to get. I don't think its the hardware as I've never had this issue before and windows media player works fine (all drivers are updated). Is there a solution to this issue or do I have to say goodbye to VLC player for good?


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Truthfully I gave up on VLC myself.

The best alternative I use is called KMPlayer.

Complete review and download here:
KMPlayer - Download

I thank whoosh for that one.

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