Problems with Win 10, dual monitors


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I am dumbfounded.

I have dual monitors and KVM switch. I had issues getting both monitors to function at first as mouse would not move to second monitor. That was direct connect to monitors different brand/resolution but fixed that.

Now I have 4 PC on a rack and use a KVM switch with two identical monitors. For awhile the W10 PC worked okay then other day I noticed moving a window over to #2 it as much larger. Checked and resolution had changed for #2 so I reset to what it should be and the monitor went black.

I switch to another PC ( the others are all Win 7 ) and everything is fine. Switch back to W10, second monitor works again but with an OSD warning of a resolution mis match ( it is not mismatch as set correctly in display controls ) but then monitor goes to sleep. I cannot keep #2 working in W10.

I checked device manager on W10 and W7. In W7 machines both monitors appear as PnP monitors as they should. In Win10 the problem monitor is showing as non-PnP . I suspect this is causing the problem but cannot find any way to get W10 to correctly ID the monitor when I switch KVM back to W10.

There are no drivers for these from HP so uses windows drivers. I have removed device and scanned for changes. It finds non-PnP monitor?

Any clue? Any way even if require registry hack to FORCE this brain dead Win10 to accept this as a PnP monitor correctly?