Problems with Windows 7!


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First Hi to all!
Here i will post all my problems whit Windows 7!
I was install Windows 7 version:7600 and here comes the drivers instalations....i faund the drivers for graphic card and install and everything was ok. Then i install the motherboard drivers, i have GIGABYTE EP43-S3L, i put the CD of the motherboard and i install the audio driver and lan driver......and i have problem, when i listen to music, i have 5.1 sarround and center and rear speakers don't work:eek:. I have everything done good but they don't work.
Second problem: i have a COMPRO VideoMate Gold TV Card, and i search whit Google, i find some software and drivers, i install the software but the driver don't work. PLEASE HELP ME!
Third problem is icons, it's not a problem but i can ask....can desktop icons small?....It's very big?

Now I download the drivers for motherboard, but in Divice Manager don't have a problems everyting is OK.....:frown:

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With any new OS release there are 3 common problems for upgrade users:

  • Software that no longer works
  • Hardware that no longer works
  • Missing or poor drivers
As time goes on, vendors will make some progress at each of these three. W7 release is some months away, and it may take a year or more before all vendors get around to making changes.

For specific gear, these boards or Google may have hits that discuss where to find drivers, or how to ‘change’ your W7 system to work for a specific piece of gear.

W7 is not an upgrade release (for XP and earlier Windows users) so a new install is needed. This means the reinstall of most users applications software. A common issue here the absence of the paid download that was purchased some years ago or missing install CDs.



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Your not giving the best information or displaying the best attitude to try to get help from people on a forum who are only helping out of their own generosity.
Just a tip.

What drivers have you found for this card are they for Vista, XP, or 7?
XP drivers usually wont work if that is all thats available it probably won't work.
Vista drivers should be used in compatibility mode if they fail to work normally.


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I found the drivers everything is OK....but now i have the voice but i don't have the picture???? HELP!
And can sharing do whitout password?
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Try uninstalling the driver for the card (device manager---> right click the card in question--> uninstall. Now go to the .exe driver package you downloaded--> right click --> select properties --> compatibility tab -->run in compatibility mode for vista service pack 2.


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Typically the codecs for a tv card to use would be part of the driver installation. If it's using system wide codecs most of the big ones come with Seven general TV is an MPEG2 transport stream which should alredy be there. Thats why i still think your having driver issues. Can you play other video? You could try the K lite codec pack but if it doesn't solve your problem uninstall it because 7 finally has most codecs included so why leave it cluttered up if not to solve a specific problem.


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I don't know what to do....i install MPEG-2, K-litle codec pack, some windows 7 codecs and don't work....:(


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I don't think the driver your using is working properly in seven. What OS is it designed for and did you try compatibility mode?


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A Suggestion....

Especially on older or not-so-common PC's:

Try installing (if you have it, or can borrow a copy of) Vista 32 or 64 bit and get all your devices up and working.

Then upgrade it to Win 7. I think you will find that this will solve the issues you are encountering for the most part.....