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First of all, I want to apologize for my mistakes. English is not my native language.

I have Windows Vista Home premium 32 Bits in my laptop and i tried to upgrade it to Windows 7 Premium 32Bits and it didn't completely work. The installation was just fine and everything was running great til i actually started using windows. For example, my Dvd-rom wasnt there anymore, and when Windows actually recognized it, and i tried with any cd or dvd, it would freeze and close windows explorer. Which, actually wouldnt work cause it wouldnt completely close windows explorer and it would just stay "loading" to close it, and it wouldnt let me use windows. I also had problems everytime i wanted to use control panel to delete a program, it would freeze. Or when i wanted to know my "grade" (that thing that windows gives you about your RAM, Hard drive, processor, etc.) it would freeze too. Or everytime i tried to open "my computer" it would also screw windows explorer. And if that wasn't enough, everytime that my computers was loading windows, and they play this music when they show windows logo, it would be played before the logo was there, or after.. so it was like out of time which was really strange. It would also take a lot of time (like 10 minutes) to close windows, when i wanted to shut it down after having a problem. And so many other things.

I thought it was because i didnt do right the upgrade, so then i decided to install it through "custom" and choose my main hard disk partition to "re-write" over my old windows. But things were exactly the same.

I don't know whats the problem and i dont know what to do and its really frustrated because for what i could use, i loved windows 7, its design and all the appereance.

I would really appreciate if you could help me. Thanks.

PS: I had my computer connected to internet all the time. Both times.

And this is my computer, in case it could be of any help

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Did you do an "upgrade" from Vista, or a "clean" installation?

I did both- with the EXACT same result.

Yes, and the only thing that wasn't compatible was my Intel wifi driver. Which, i upgraded later.


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Is it possible the cables for your DVD/CD drive are loose? this only applies if you have a desktop..
Open the case and check to make sure all the cables to and from the DVD drive are snug.

I own a laptop, and i dont think thats the problem cause i bought it a few weeks ago and when im using vista my dvd rom works perfectly. Besides, like i said in my first post, the dvd rom issue is just one among tons and tons, so if i fixed that, i would still have lots of problems left. It feels like windows wasnt installed correctly, which im afraid, is my fault.

What can i do?



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You say you did a clean install, Did you reformat then or not?

Like i said, im afraid all of this is my fault and not windows' haha. This is the first time i ever install an OS, so I don't know how to do a clean install and how to reformat my hard disk. Thanks so much for the help.


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You're very welcome.
I'd do a clean install one more time if I was you.. This time follow this tutorial (print it off 'er whatever)
It will describe word for word with screenshots how to do a clean installation

I hope this helps, Mitchell.

Once again, thanks so much. I will go to my desktop while I'm installing Windows 7, to be able to read this at the same time.

I hope this works :)


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Just remember, you'll have to backup your files to a DVD/External HDD or a flash drive.
Unless you have no important files on your computer, in which case, just nevermind.

Thank you so much for all the help. Ive had this computer just for a few weeks so i have nothing important here.

Just the last questions:

1.- I know that i have to keep my computer connected to internet while installing windows, is it gonna be ok if its through wifi, or should it be connected to a modem?
2.- Will windows 7 be able to find all the drivers with the install, or should i have to install em all after, one by one?
3.- my computer has 2 partitions, the main one with windows and the recovery one. Is it ok if i just format the main one and install windows? (The partition is called PQSERVICE and it says: OEM (Reserved)



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1)You don't have to keep your computer connected to the internet. (You don't need to "get the latest updates for the installation")
2) Windows 7 should install most of your drivers automatically, but if not you can certainly install them yourself.
3) Yes, just format the main partition, don't touch the recovery partition as this may cause problems.

Thank you very much! I just pressed Format! here we go!

Wish me luck :)


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Yes, absolute best of luck to you.

I did exactly everything that the guide you told me to use said, and I keep having the same problems. Unfortunately, i think im giving up with windows 7 and just going back to Vista


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In many cases, even when you do a clean install OR upgrade, you get stuck with what are called compatibility drivers. These are generic drivers written by Microsoft because they can't fit every single driver in the world on a DVD, or the developer hadn't produced a certified driver by the time the OS was released.

You should look into several things. Please try installing the following software:

Intel INF Update Utility - This will update your chipset drivers, which can influence heavily yuor system's performance.
Intel Matrix Storage Manager - If you are running ACHI or RAID on an Intel board, this could help improve performance.

You do have an Intel motherboard but are also using Acer, so look around and see where you can pick up newer drivers for video, sound, network card, and other peripherals. Check Acer's support site or go directly to the source. Use Device Manager in Windows to see which drivers look out of date. Chances are some driver is slowing down your computer.

It is also weird and non-standard that you have a 2GB DIMM on Slot 3 of your system and 1GB on Slot 1. You should go for even pairs when it comes to memory. But if you can, try to get that 2GB DIMM on Slot 1 if you know how to do it.


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Yes, post the model of your Acer and I'll find you the drivers, should have thought of this in the first place >.>

The model is Acer Aspire 5738-6296, and the DVD-Rom (according to EVEREST) is a TSST corp CDDVDW TS-L633B ATA DEVICE.

I'm back using vista and everything is working PERFECT. Should i go back to windows 7? It's just that it looks so cool and pretty :(

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