problems with Windows media Center

I have been trying to diagnose a strange problem with either my TV tuner card or tuner software. On two channels, whenever I record, there will be a frequent freezing and skipping of the program. The program will be stuck on one frame, and 3 seconds later it will resume, but those 3 seconds of the program are lost. I have narrowed it down to only these two channels. No other channels will do this. It will do this regardless of time of day, although it seems like at night it occurs a little more often. However, further experimentation has demonstrated that this problem so far has only occurred in Windows Media Center (Windows 7 version) and a trial version of Sage TV. I then tried to record programs with the Happauge WinTV software (I have a Happauge tuner card). But when I played it back it did not have that problem. I would really love to figure out what is causing the problem in Windows Media Center, because the WinTV program is quite pitiful in comparison. By the way this is regular over the air TV.

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