Procrastinating on Windows 7 upgrade could be costly

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    Not everyone is interested in upgrading to Windows 7 -- at least not right away. Computerworld 's survey respondents who said they have no plans to upgrade reported that they just don't anticipate enough benefit, particularly in these tough economic times , to warrant the cost of migration.

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    No need for panic

    I feel so much frustration toward those who "preach gloom and doom" for Windows XP. This article is one of those misleading forcasts. 2014 is 4 years away people. While it is true that an individual or a company needs to keep abreast of current "stuff". There is no panic to replace a perfectly good, functioning OS because 4 years from now security updates MAY be discontinued. ("extension" is not a word foreign to Microsoft when it is in their best interest) Is a few months trial plus an additional 6 months to a year not completely sufficient time to move to a new OS even for the largest and least organized enterprise? By the time 2014 rolls around, there will VERY LIKELY be a newer option for OS update - maybe even an additional option to Windows 8 - who knows.

    This article is equal to someone giving you advice that, "Some day, replacement parts for your 2008 automobile will no longer be available. You must buy a new automobile IMMEDIATELY!" HOGWASH!! It is quite possible that 2 years from now an automobile much better than the new 2010 models will be available. There is no panic to replace your current, perfectly functioning automobile - or computer operating system.

    That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

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