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ok so my mom bought a laptop off a friend from work, it works fine, no viruses, nothing, but when my sister trys to download a file to do her online school work, a microsoft word window pops up along with the product key window asking me to enter the product key, ive entered the product key found on the product key sticker on the bottom of the laptop but it keeps saying its invalid. we've asked the previous owner if they still have the paper work that came with the laptop but she has long thrown it away, i've also ran the authenticity diagnostics test which proves the software is genuine. can anybody help me with this problem, any feed back would be great and highly appreciated


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Hi!! I think the previous owner did not give you the product key because they are probably using it on another machine. You'll have to buy your own copy. Amazon is running a special right now on Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 $ 89.00. If you can't afford it right now, "Sun" has an alternative free software called "Open Office". Microsoft said if anybody can complete with them in the Home Office Software department they sure can- there own words.....


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Hi Eric

I doubt if the product key on the bottom of the laptop was a Microsoft Word key. They do not usually put them there only the OS KEY. The software probably came pre-installed but there should have been a disc with a product key in case you had to do a re-installation. Ask the person who sold you the machine if they still have the disc or the sleeve that it fitted as the product key should be there. Failing that you either have to purchase a new key for Word or as Celestra suggested, download and install Open Office that will almost do everthing that Word does for free. You can get it here:


Here is something that might help. Download Belarc Advisor, install and run it. It will so you every thing that is installed on computer....hardware and software including any product keys. Once you see MS Office and you see the product key, right it down and when you run office again try the product key to see if it will work. If it does great, if not you will need to purchase your own copy of MS Office. Good luck, post back and let us know what happens. I've seen weirder stuff work.

i have tried both suggestions, downloading OpenOffice, and running the Belarc Advisor and still no dice, the advisor gave me two different product keys both of wich dont work, i'm starting to think that im just gonna have to shell out the $100 bucks to get a new product key which i think is stupid, but oh well, anyone know how i go about ordering a new product key, or have any more suggestions on how to fix my problem, they would be more than appreciated, and thanks to those of you who have replied back with your feedback, thanks for the help


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Hi! Eric, When this person bought the computer you have, it may have come pre-installed with Microsoft Office Software. It's a free trial period that they eventually have to pay for. If they don't, it's taken off by Microsoft. If they keep their pre-installed software they get a product key, good for a few installations. Ask them how many times they have used their product key. If it's the only computer it was ever run on, then maybe, it can be re-installed. If they are using the software still on their own home computers, Microsoft will probably feel it's a criminal act to share software with you. They may know the computer you have is no longer in their procession

well i was thinking today that if i installed a new copy of MS Office on the laptop, that it could solve my problem, because the computer only asks me to enter the product key when we try to use any of the MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and thats what my sister uses for her online classes, let me know your thoughts on this, thanks

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