Product Key worked, but isnt valid?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Dsab123, Dec 26, 2009.

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    So I installed windows 7 on my hp touchsmart tx2z about a month ago, because a friend had an extra valid copy, and lately ive been getting little pop ups by the taskbar that says that I only have two days left to type in a valid product key. I tried retyping the product key again, to no avail. So i dont know how 7 successfully installed if the product key was not valid in the first place?

    However, since I bought my laptop within a certain time period this year, june - august i think, i recieved a free win7 upgrade cd that just arrived in the mail today. And i dont see a product key anywhere..

    Is there any way to get the product key from the upgrade cds without reinstalling 7 again, and just type that one in?

    and if not, will it work if I just follow the instructions on the upgrade cds while already having 7 installed?

    I am considering installing ubuntu 9.1 right now to save any files that might otherwise be unreachable if windows doesnt boot at all after the two days is up
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    Installing with a key and activating with that key are two separate issues. The key can be valid for installation and someone else may have activated with it. If you try activating by phone with M$ you will find out if the key is in use. If it is not, they should be able to walk you through activation.

    I'm curious as to what supplier would send out an upgrade DVD w/o a key. I've never run into that situation with a customer.

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