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    Not 100% sure if i have posted this in the correct section as its not really a problem but a question but here goes..

    I have a Win7 system i leave running 24/7 running IRC bots on Quakenet & various other .exe programs to enhance the service i provide to a gaming community of friends n fellow players. Anyways i have a problem with tracking the bandwidth usage, i have some that tell me the Daily, weekly & Monthly how much that System Uploads & Downloads but thats not what i need, i have one called NetLimiter pro i have a licence for via work but that only tells me how much bandwidth upload/download it is currently using at that moment in time so its helpful but not exactly what i need.

    So, here i am to hope that someone knows of something i can use that will do the job i need. I'm after some software that lists programs i have running & using the internet & logs how much bandwidth each of those programs use each day,week or month. I make mIRC scripts & currently trying to develop some into java but the edits i do is mainly to cut down on the bandwidth they use & their speed but i cant do that unless i can see a noticeable change in that specific programs daily bandwidth usage.

    Well i hope someone can help because i have been hunting over the wab for ages now without any luck.


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