Program automatically launched at startup which can't start

I managed Windows 7 Ultimate so 2 programs automatically start at the begininning, however they can't.

One is the popular FreePOPs: there's a link to launch it in the automatic launched programs folder of Win7, but it can only run if you launch it manually; in this case it asks to agree its author is unknown and it can modify system.. I chose yes and it run immediately. I think this authorization blocks the automatic startup. How to bypass this problem?

The other program can't run at startup is called PeerBlock and, even if it doesn't appear in the automatic launched programs folder of Win7 is should be launched because it's a service.. If I manually launch it it asks if I agree it can modifty system data.. choosing yes it starts.

Any help, please?


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Go to the authors web site and ask. There must be a work around, unless these havent been purchased or something like that.

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In Vista there were some programs that wouldn't start aoutomatically. To fixit you wen in task scheduler and created the task. I can't remember all the steps.

This seems to bypass UAC, but my problem is before the UAC request: these 2 programs (FreePOPs and PeerBlock) aren't launched at startup, in fact if they would be launched Windows 7 asks to me to accept launch (UAC window) but this doesn't happen automaticall, only if I manually launch the programs.. even if one is on the automatic program launched at startup and the other should be in the list of services..

Any idea?

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