Program/connection blocking in Win7 firewall

Hi all, I wonder if there is any way to block certain programs and ports in Windows built-in firewall. It seems to me I can unblock/allow connections already in the list, but not add new ones that I want to block.

Thank you!

A better way to block pors and applications is with (Freeware) Zone Alarm or (Freeware) Comodo. :)
Thank you for your tips cybercore. I have had both ZoneAlarm and Comodo installed before (well, not at the same time, duh!) but as I recall ZoneAlarm worked fine under XP but isn't (as yet) compatible with Windows7 as far as I know.

Comodo I threw out because it was forever warning and asking about stuff, nagging me to death.
I mean, if the Internet is that full of nasty stuff, I'd be better off yanking the connection.
But I'll try the first tip :cool:

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