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When I go into c:/ I see a folder called Program data, but what is it for and can I delete it?

Joe S

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Don't delete it! Assorted data like updates and temp files needed by installed programs store data there. If you look you will see many of your installed programs have files there.

I see files for programs I no longer have installed can I uninstall those?


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The ProgramData folder, which first appeared in Vista, is the old "AllUsers" profile, which you were accustomed to in XP.
Many programs save settings and backups in that folder. Several third party applications are being installed (improperly) there instead of to the Program Files folder to bypass the permissions issues. Updates to antvirus programs and others usually go there, also.
I would suggest it is the updates to some of the previously installed programs, that you are seeing. None could give you safe advise on this, but, if you want to clear out programs that you are positive no longer exists, I would suggest you backup or copy them somewhere where you can easily reference them to replace, should you create a pending OS failure.

Thanks for the info and I'll be sure to back them up before I delete them, but wouldn't reinstalling the program replace the files?


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Sure it would. But perhaps I do not follow you? If you are going to reinstall, why trouble yourself with removing them in the first place? If they are not in use, they are not using any rsourcs - merely using disk space, which we mostly have far in excess of requirements.

I would trouble myself removing if I'm just going to reinstall the program, but some I know I won't reinstall.


Program Data is a hidden file Windows 7 uses for application files an important information. Unless you have specifically requested to hide a file, please consider all hidden files to be applicable and necessary to optimum system performance.

Should you require additional assistance and guidance,
Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.

Microsoft Windows Client Team


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It is actually a hidden FOLDER.

If it is hidden I wouldn't be able to see it, but I do.


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No explanation for that, unless you have customised the security options for the folder.

Your not making no sense someone already explained what the program data folder was for.

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