Windows 7 Program Run Issues


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Jan 31, 2009
Hi, I am trying to run a program that requires the disk. I have the disk and it is in good condition. I put the disk in and then run the program but the disk will spin up and then slow down. It repeats this on and on. HELP
Ok what happens to the program after you insert the disc? What are the specs on your computer? What software do you currently have installed on the machine? What program are you trying to install?
The program is waiting to see if you have a disk for the program. It looks to verify that your key is valid for the disk. As for my specs, I have a Gateway P-7811FX notebook with a Core 2 Duo @ 2.26GHz, 4gb DDR3, Nvidia 9800GTS. Other than that, I am running Windows 7 build 7000. The disk drive is a DVD+RW but I am just trying to read a CD. I am not trying to install a program, I am trying to run an installed program.
HAve you tried inputting the key into the boxes that you say are displayed on the screen? I mean the cd-rom drive at times may appear to slow down when it actually isnt. it just doesnt make any noise. How do you know that it isnt just waiting for your input? It could also be that there is an error in the driver and it cannot properly read from the source and just stops.
Ok. The program is The Sims 2, I have already installed it with no problem. With these programs, they check every time when you try to play the game that your key matches the one encoded on the disk. They do this in the background. I have had it read from other disks just fine.
From other discs just fine do you mean CD-roms or DVDs? From what your telling me then it could be an incompatibilty issue that sims 2 has with Seven. Try this go to the exe icon for sims and right click and go to properties. then go to compatibilty tab and select windows VISTA and check always run as admin then click ok. Now run the program and see if you get the same problem!!
Im sorry im not being a lot of help. All i can think of is it being an incompatibilty issue with windows 7 right now. Hopefully one of our other members can come up with an appropriate solution and will respond to this.
Thank you for the help anyway. Have networking issue, talk to me. I am in the Cisco Networking Academy.
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