Program running on Win7 but wont appear on screen

I have a weird problem running Adobe GoLive CS2 (version 8) on Windows 7 - the program runs but won’t appear on screen. I don't get this issue with any other program and until this happened a few days ago the program worked fine on Windows 7. GoLive hasn’t been updated for some time but Windows 7 has….

When GoLive is started, the 'title box/splash panel' with logo and version number etc appears on screen, it shows it’s loading up various components and the icon appears on the taskbar, but no program appears on screen. It doesn't matter how many times I click on this, it wont appear on screen. If I hit Alt-Ctrl-Del and bring up Task Manager I can see it's running in the Applications tab and I can also see it's process running on the processes tab too.

I thought maybe it had gone 'off screen' so I used all the Windows 7 tips on how to bring progs back on screen but nothing works, so I don’t think it’s this.

Interestingly, when I hover over it's icon on the taskbar, and hold shift whilst clicking it to try to bring up the old-style maximise and minimise options, nothing appears - although this works with every other application.

I use two screens, so I tried changing the display to use just one - makes no difference.

I then uninstalled GoLive, rebooted and installed it again - makes no difference. As a check, I installed GoLive on a Win XP machine and it works fine.

What can I do to find out what’s going on?

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Hello and Welcome !

Try to Click "Space Bar + Alt" and click on Move the use your Up arrow on Keyboard (Not Mouse) and see if you can drag it up. I have seen this issue other Program.

Hope this helps,

Hi dtallon.

I think I had the same problem on my dual screen computer. I don't think it's your app that's causing the problem, I think it's your screens. I don't know whether you have tried this but if you turn on all your screens, the app should probably be on one of them (as it was hidden on the second screen when you only used one monitor). If you have tried this, it might even be possible that the app is on a third screen. You might have configured a third screen before or used a certain port on your graphics card and never touched it again. I really don't know. I'm just guessing. Try going to the screen display menu (I am sorry I can't remember how to get there as my only Windows7 machine is down) and change which screen is your default screen and which screen has the 1 on it.

Good luck on the problem and Greetings from Cambodia


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Oops sorry repost

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You're right, it's to do with using multiple screens. I managed to solve the problem using a brilliant free util prog called WinSplit Revolution - this worked instantly to bring the prog back on screen even though all the other (official) methods of doing this in W7 achieved absolutely nothing.

hey dtallon. I'm glad winsplit worked.

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