Program symbols on icons

Hello all. Is there anyway to get rid of the program looking symbol that is on all of your icons on your destop? Here is a screen shot(you might have to click on it.)


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Are all your desktop shortcut icons like this?


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I wish MS didn't offer a Upgrade path it only seems to cause headaches as opposed to clean installs.
A clean install needn't be real difficult provided you do some planning like backing up data and gathering your app installers
and hardware drivers beforehand.

It's worth the effort especially since the fix for a borked Upgrade might be performing a clean install anyway.
You know the old "Pay me now or Pay me more later" deal.

Sorry for the rant, but I would never consider doing an inplace Upgrade of an OS.

Yes all my destop icons are like this, and this is not a upgrade.


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Did my tutorial work?

Nope.. Nothing :/


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rats...rebuilding the icon cache would have been my first thought. :/

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