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I am using Vista Home Premium. One of the programs I am using will only open as far as the intital screen and will not go any farther. I have used two Registry fix programs & they didn't help. I also have shut down all programs at startup except the MS programs and that didn't work. What can I do next?

First of all what program is it? Sounds like a bug or registry issue. First run all your spyware, malware and adaware programs. Then run a disk defrag and registry defrag and reboot. Then try opening your program and see if issue persists. If it does then try and uninstall program and reinstall it. Generally speaking a reinstall fixes most issues of corrupted programs.

I've run the spyware and registry programs and have reinstalled the moisture analysis program. I try disk and registy defrag and see how that works.

How do you run the registry defrag in Vista?


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Vista doesn't actually have a default cleaner although I use this utility which is free and also does a good job.

Free Registry Defrag

Thanks, I'll try it and respond to the forum.


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Is this a new program you decided to use or an old one? Nobody ever thinks of checking the "Vista Compatibility Wizard". With an adjustment the program may run.

It is not a new program and I have run this program (WUFI) using Windows since 2005. I have tried everything including Registry cleaning software, defraging the registry and the hard drive, reinstalling the software, etc. So far nothing has worked.

Is this a software programme related to the Building Energy.
WUFI-ORNL/IBP is an easy-to-use, menu-driven program for use on a personal computer which can provide customized solutions to moisture engineering and damage assessment problems for various building envelope systems.
If this is the same programme you might like to look at the following link that seems to state "The WUFI-ORNL/IBP version is a 32-bit programs which run under Windows NT4, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000."


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