Windows 7 Programing for new users

hi i got a laptop for cheap and i wanna write some programs something easy,
"as its going be the first time " :D
easy script commands, like making it open words and command it to type HEllo, something easy
dose anyone know any programs that i could use to do this and for me to learn


Processor: genuine intel (C) CPU : 1.06GHz 1.07GHz
Ram 1GB
system type 32-bit operating system

I know Noob LapTop but this is just for me to mess around with and do test's

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To start with you will need a development environment which enables you to edit and execute your programs. Get a free copy of Visual Basic Express here from Microsoft:

Microsoft Visual Studio Express - Build cutting edge Windows applications

The you need some tutorials to get you started - I'd just google "visual basic tutorials" - you'll finds loda sof the.

hey patcooke
thanks for the program, been messing around with it few the pass few hr's lol

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