Programs can't connect to internet

Hey, I've been using the beat for a few days now, and can't resolve this predicament. My programs (notable, the Zune Software) can't connect to the internet. I can't login to my Zune ID, access the marketplace, or get info from the album info DB when needed. Another program I use, a twitter desktop client called Twhirl, worked right after the install, but now has the same problem and is unable to connect to the internet to access twitter feeds. Both programs are allowed in the windows firewall, but I have this problem nonetheless. Can anyone help me resolve this? It would be GREATLY appreciated

Things I have tried already:
Disabling all firewalls on the computer
Giving access through firewall to programs

On another note, programs like uTorrent can still connect and get torrents. If that helps with anything.

Once again, ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and I just ran Windows Update, and that didn't work either. It came up with the error code "80072EE2" if that helps at all

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It would be helpful if you posted how you connect to the internet.

Sorry...I connect via a Linksys Wireless G USB receiver.

Yeah, I'm on the forums right now on my Beta 7 boot. It just seems to be some particular programs that can't communicate.

Oh, I am running avast! on my machine right now. But I've disabled it and have still had no luck (don't know if that adds anything)

I just tested Twhirl on my 32-Bit Windows 7 Beta install. Are you using 64-Bit?

I just tested Twhirl on my 32-Bit Windows 7 Beta install. Are you using 64-Bit?
No, I am using 32-bit as was working when I first upgraded to the beta. And people on Zune support boards are saying that the Zune software works fine as well.

The Windows Update error seems to be a key thing here. Does anyone know how to resolve the error code 80072EE2 from windwos update? Apparantly it has something to do with proxy....

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