Programs Installed With Compatibility Wizard; How to Uninstall Them?

I bought Windows 7 Professional 64-bit since I was told that it could run older software and I had something I wanted to keep using.

When I installed Research Assistant and Sunbird (Mozilla calendar), the Program Compatibility Assistant opened and asked if I wanted to re-install the program with the recommended settings. I selected that option for both programs. Sunbird shows up in the Start Menu but does not show up in the list of programs in the Uninstall Programs window of the Control Panel. Research Assistant is not in the Start Menu or in the Uninstall Programs list.

Both programs have folders and files in C:\Program Files (x86). Is there any way for me to uninstall both of these?

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I asked for advice in a few other places as well. I ended up taking their advice and selected a Restore Point in System Restore.

I test a lot of new software and I find that not all of them are something that I would want to keep.
I took a chance and downloaded a Anti-Trojan program one day, after installing it, my PC started getting really weird.
I decided to just do a System Restore. SR would not open, and gave me an error message that a file was missing.
So my next step was to try a Shutdown, again an error message that Shutdown.exe could not be found.
The thing I'd installed was obviously a Trojan and was eating my .exe files.

I hit the power button and shut down my system. After a few choice curse words, I got out my Ghost boot disk and booted up my system to Ghost 2003. I used Ghost to Restore my latest Ghost Backup Image File which was less than a week old. In less than ten minutes, I had my system restored and I was back in business as if nothing bad had ever happened.

System Restore can be a real life saver, but when it won't work or just doesn't go deep enough to solve your problem, you need a Whole System (C drive) backup, stored on a separate partition of second hard drive, either internal or external. There are many great backup programs that can be had for FREE if you just look around.

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I test software on a virtual PC. If it gets messed up just dump it and pull up a fresh copy.

Thanks. I might have to look into a virtual PC sometime.

I've been using Acronis to clone my hard drive, but hadn't used it yet on the new computer. I built the computer on Friday evening, loaded Windows 7 on Saturday, and finally had the chance to load software on Sunday.

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