Programs keep crashing

So i have a problem. I went to steam to play some games, i went to a game and i got an error Program has stopped working, ok. so i went to skype, and went to call someone, error Skype has stopped working, ok. Went to origin to try to play some games there, error origin has stopped working... And that is hapining in alomost every program.:confused:

I tryed:
Reinstaling skype and origin
restart windows
updating mbo and grafic drivers

my pc is almost 1 year old and this problem started to happend this week (23.12.2012)

I have Windows 8 64 bit
8 Gb ram
Gtx 580 Ti
Amd FX-8150

Can someone help me?


Senior Member
The programs you mentioned are internet. could be firewall. In control panel under Administrative view event logs. take a look at error. It may give you a clue to what is going on.

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