Programs missing from "Programs and Features" in Control Panel - PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I've been running Windows 7 for the past 3 months and it's been amazing, I love, it, then last week I went to just uninstall a program, went to "Progs and feats" in control panel, and only 2 programs are listed as installed!? The two programs listed are Google Chrome and ManyCam, but i have around 20-30 programs on my computer, anybody know what may be causing this please?

More Info and steps I've taken...
- I can uninstall the programs fine from their folders using the 'Uninstall' applications
- I've done computer scans of every kind, registry, virus, malware, everything, and I'm running TuneUp Utilities 2010 anyway with Comodo Internet Security.
- Yes my windows, software and drivers are regularly updated
- All programs are still listed fine in the start menu
- All programs stilll run correctly

Thank you if anyone can help :)


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Not sure what the cause could be, but most applications have an uninstaller which you can find in it's subfolder in the start menu, or in the Program Files folder of your main drive.

Thanks for the reply, but lol I know that x-D I'm very computer literate, but just can't even begin to think what could be causing this strange problem, especially when everything on my computer work's perfectly... it's weird!

I look forward to hearing if any kind person has a solution :-D


Ahh, thank you very much for that :-D I'm going to have to sift through the registry to see which program's causing the problem, as I don't know which program caused it, but that sounds like just what I need :-D If I have any luck I'll post again in case other people come across this problem too!

Thanks again Mitchell_A!

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