Programs not opening

Recently my laptop won't open any programs. Skype, Itunes, Steam, they just won't open. Firefox / Internet Explorer are the only ones that work but they can't play flash files without crashing. When I right click steam in add / remove programs and click repair it tells me the file is "on a network resource that is unavailable" or something. Could this have something to do with recently Defragging?
Nothing like this has ever happened before. I can't access my music or any of my games :frown:
Please help if you can, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Did the defragmenting finish successfully, did it show any errors ? Which defragmentor did you use ?

I suspect (wrong settings in the) system restore could have caused it. Things you should know about system restore:

If you do not have enough disk space available when your operating system is installed, then you must turn on System Restore, using the preceding steps, after you have made sufficient disk space available. 
If you run out of disk space, System Restore becomes inactive. When you have made sufficient disk space available, System Restore is automatically activated, but all previous restore points are lost
When System Restore is turned off on a partition or drive, all restore points stored on that partition or drive are deleted. Changes that are made on an excluded partition or drive are not reverted during a System Restore


System Restore - Windows 7 Forums


It may also be a problem with the hdd sectors:

1. Right click on your hard drive (C:\) > Properties > Tools tab > Click "Check Now" :

2. Checkmark these:

- "Automatically fix the system errors"
- "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"

3. Start

4. If the message pops up it can't check while the disk is in use, click on the "Schedule disk check button" for chkdsk to run the next time you restart your computer.


I would try to figure out what caused it and never repeat this mistake in future, then reinstall the system. :)

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