Programs Open But i can't see them after a crash ( not all... )

Hello everybody so while i was playing call of duty 4, i had minimized notepad,google chrome and some folder open when cod 4 ( call of duty 4 ) crashed and now these programs open up, i can see them while holding the mouse on the program from the pin bar but it can't maximize or something.. please help me, i can't do anything now :((( Thanks


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Itjustas have you tried a system restore to a point before the above happened?

i get an error when i try to restore... and the error is: The Selected backup could not be found.System restore is looking for a restore point that is on your backup.Choose a different restore point... ( i only have 1... )

Still need help... pls...

And if i run the computer in safe mode, then everything works fine...

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