Prompt for password after stand-by and sleep mode

Hello all,

I would like my laptop to do something different after stand-by and sleep modes. After the one, I would like it to prompt for a password and after the other I would like it to not.

In Windows 7 is only one option, and it affects both stand-by and sleep modes.

Is there a way to do this?

Sleep and Stand-by are identical

I don't think that this is possible, sleep and stand-by are essentially exactly the same thing.

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That is too bad. I use the one when I just close the lid (and do not want to log in every time) and the other when I turn off the laptop (then I leave it and want it password protected).

I hoped that there was some registry value that could do this for me. I'll be able to live with the limitation though. Thanks for the reply!

Work around

What might work is if you set the laptop to sleep when you close the lid (This will not request a password) and hibernate when you leave it (This will request a password), these two functions are different, the option in the control panel only sets a password for coming out of sleep if you want it too, coming out of hibernation will always ask for a password!

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