Prompted for Network Username and Password?

Hello, I am using a software that has a viewer program that will show files by retrieving a shared folder over the network. However when ever I try to use the viewer I get prompted for a "Network Username and Password." Here is my set up.

Set up is -
System A (viewer) PC Connected via Ethernet cable - Windows 7 Ultimate (Kaspersky Antivirus)

Dlink Wireless Router

System B (shared folder) Laptop Connected via Wireless - Windows 7 Ultimate (No antivirus)

Enter the remote machine's account name and password and on ya go.

do you mean the account name and password for the windows user thats logged on? In my case and scenario, would it be for system B Cause that laptop does not have a password to log in to windows only a username? Thank you.

You're welcome.

Yes or any valid account on the remote machine. You have to set a password if you want sharing to work by default. Security reasons.

You can then type netplwiz in the start menu then press enter, then configure to allow it to boot to Windows without typing the actual password.

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