Pros and Cons of Windows 8


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Hello! I am a Windows 7 user and I've been thinking to upgrade to Windows 8. I only use Windows 8 sparingly when in school so I'm not very familiar with the interface. Would you recommend me to upgrade? Why or why not?


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Hi Jaaychaan,

Windows 8 compared to windows 7:

The good;

Faster cpu, and network traffic and MUCH better ram management.

A lot of options for apps (especially music types) make connecting to windows phone or a cloud based storage painless…

+ the option to upgrade (still free for now) to 8.1.1 in order to get fully updated.

The bad;

The old legacy hardware and software from your windows 7 machine is not well supported… it depends how old your motherboard is but most windows 7 users are looking at getting a new system in order to run 8 as it should be run.

Windows 8.1.1 compared to windows 7:

The good;

Still faster than windows 7 and almost as fast as 8.

Hyper-v… the main reason to get a 8.1.1 laptop is a free hyper-server in the pro version. This is Microsoft's answer too vmware and virtual machines allow you to run say; windows 7, server 12r2 or Ubuntu/ Mint on the same laptop as your windows 8.1.1 simply by giving them a temp ram/ cpu until the task is done then you pause the virtual machine and jump back to the host.

Cheap… Microsoft really wants people to use windows 8.1.1 and the modern laptops basically have it pre-installed as part of the purchase.

The bad;

Embrace it or hate it… Microsoft has committed themselves/ us to an ip6 universe!

A massive change for the end user to adapt to the new system… basically everything you know about windows 7 from file formats to proxy servers to firewalls and right down to what keyboard shortcut makes what program run what task has changed.